Trading stock is a business activity that includes high potential risks. Options are trending in visa accessibility and a large number of educational institutions are attracting students from all around the world. The no. of students in Canada from outside countries is increasing every year, and this increases its popularity as a favorite educational sector for students.

As being an international student, the cash needs are greater for you because you need money for paying your college fees, paying the rent of your home, and for purchasing the daily services that you need. The question of, “can international students trade stocks in Canada?; also occurs in your mind because trading stocks is a good option of earning more income by investing in the stock market.

At high risk, a person can invest in the stock shares, and it can earn extra monies if the shares rises in price in the market. You can get unbelievable profits as well as losses in the stock market. But still, with considerable risks in business, stock trading is widespread in all countries.

For international students, Canada has investment plans for trading stocks in Canada. If you think you can trade stocks or not, then the answer is yes! For this, you have to collect some knowledge of the trade market before starting your stock trading. For this, you can ask the stock market experts who have extensive experience in this field, because quite a decision without any knowledge and expertise can move you toward loss.

If you are an international student in Canada and looking for options in the stock trading business, then you have to keep the following things in mind:

Save Money for Investment:

For investing in the stock market, you have to save enough money for making an ideal investment. If you have unsufficient funds for buying or selling stocks, then you won’t have enough money to meet the minimum requirments of most stock brokerages. On average, a margin account requires a minimum of $1,000 to begin trading.

Take Expert Suggestions:

Share your ambitions with a stock market expert and then move towards the business after taking their suggestions. You can also consult with your bank for opening a trading account; they will advise you better than everyone else.

Stay Updated:

Always stay updated on getting work and profit opportunities. For getting more opportunities to remain alert about the current business levels of the stock market and grab the best deals whenever you get a chance.

Permission Requirement:

It indeed permitted. This is a precise term that you can legally own shares in the business in Canada no matters you are resident or non-resident of the country. Just check for the bank options of setting a trading account, and you are ready to start your trading without any trouble.

Work Permit:

When you get your legal work permit, you will be able to gain access to US stocks for buying and selling them in Canada by using your work permit. A statutory license makes accessing shares of other countries as easy as opening a trading bank account.

Get your Permanent Residence:

Some banks will not open a trading account for temporary students, you have to be Permanent Resident of Canada. After being a permanent citizen of Canada, you will get access to this business for buying or selling stocks easily.

You can access and trade US stocks in Canada, but you have to pay 15% withholding tax when you are a non-US person. And recovering from such a massive payout of charge is quite tricky as being a student or a non-resident of Canada.


So after looking at the above factors, we can say that international students can trade stocks in Canada, but for this, they have to get relevant experience and be much hard working for making substantial investments. If you can’t recover from the loss of this market then before investing check all the terms and conditions with your stock broker.